On David Geffen 🎸

Interesting posts about too-rich David Geffen

Many item on voat.co.

Note – CDAN = Crazy Days and Nights blog

CDAN: A Blind Item Revealed: The Hollywood Reporter / David Geffen / Bryan Singer

CDAM Clue: Underage Prostitution At Shore Stops Of David Geffen’s Celebrity Cruises

BONO’s ‘ONE’ Charity UNDER FIRE for Abuse Allegations / Remember > BONO was on David Geffen’s Yacht w/ Obama, Oprah and Tom Hanks after Election

Bono’s ONE charity under fire for abuse allegationsAn investigation into U2 singer Bono’s ONE charity has uncovered disturbing claims of the organization’s culture of abuse and bullying.

David Geffen’s name comes up alongside fellow yachtie, Donald Sussman in this article – (2016) Pluto – Zionists Support for Hillary Clinton

Related – Jason Monigold Co-Founder of Caribbean Charity Arrested for Child Rape; His Charity Worked Closely With UN-Connected Non-Profit Funded by Donald Sussman, One of HRC’s Biggest Donors


On Pedos and the Music Industry 🎸


3 thoughts on “On David Geffen 🎸

  1. flyingcuttlefish August 4, 2020 / 11:32 pm

    Sent in –

    There continues to be a treasure trove of everything related stuff on Geffen over at CDAN. Just plug his name into the search bar & go to town. Just a few:

    One of the reasons this A- list actress has had a career for nearly three decades is because of what she allowed producers and the director and the actor to do to her back in that movie that really made her. They wanted to normalize men being involved with tweens.

    Kirsten Dunst/ “Interview With a Vampire”
    Producers: David Geffen and Stephen Woolley
    Director: Neil Jordan
    Actor: Brad Pitt

    Lets not forget that the A++ list celebrity knew about the rapist producer and did nothing. She knew about the billionaire pedophile and did nothing. To this day, she loves nothing more than hanging out on the mogul’s yacht. Oh, she had the chance to be a part of a documentary bringing a serial rapist down and backed out. Don’t fall for internet rumors, but do remember what she has actually done.

    Oprah/Harvey Weinstein/Jeffrey Epstein/David Geffen/Russell Simmons

    The mogul has an operation set up offshore where he tests prospective “shipmates.” If they test negative, he invites the legal in that country young men to come aboard his yacht for a couple of nights. After the two nights, they are sent on their way and a new group brought on board. One of those tests is going to be a false negative and the virus is going to sweep through that yacht like a cruise ship. Then we shall see how smug he is.

    David Geffen

    That last one from just March of this year and lets you know the exact kind of thing that goes on, on the yacht. In other words, if Springsteen is on that boat, he HAS to know. Period. Everyone does. No amount of gay-embracing or pedo-normalizing can make any of that ‘OK’ to anyone with an iota of soul. Monsters enabling monsters.
    All these people are vampires. Ironic given the subject matter of the film listed at top. Pretty evident that Geffen is a serial pedo, rapist & murderer (see the whole River Phoenix deal) that, thru blackmail, intimidation & monetary pressure has gotten away with all of it his whole career. And all of this is only scratching the surface.

    Finally there’s this featuring Don Henley of the Eagles (another real prize) & Geffen prominently — & also hints that Geffen may have had a major hand in getting rid of not one, but possibly 2 girls that could incriminate he & friends:
    CDAN – He Made Millions From Raping Young Girls
    Matthew Bolin Matthew Bolin discovered popular music could be a good thing at age 13. During a field trip to the local college library, he found Rolling Stone’s “100 Best Albums, 1967-1987” issue, and a great and glorious world far beyond the lands of Lionel Richie and Huey Lewis opened up.
    This one was from the orig ‘Himmmmm’ drops, that got this whole ball rolling. They started appearing on various Hollywood blogs before 4chan, Q, CDAN, any of them exploded……. Oh, & Himmmm is reportedly Robert Downey Jr.
    Time will tell I suppose. But it is heartening to know there are good people out there with a conscience & a soul trying to set things right, whoever they are.

    Epstein & Maxwell were and are huge — but they’re not the only ones by far. & he might not be Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commish-level, but it appears David Geffen has entre to and tentacles into points of power every bit as influential and dangerous.


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