U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas family shot – just assigned to Epstein – Deutsche Bank case

Gunman kills son of federal judge Esther Salas at their home. The Jeffrey Epstein Deutsche Bank case was assigned to Judge Salas just two days ago.

Judge Esther Salas Assigned to Epstein Deutsche Bank Case 4 Days Before Husband, Son Shot

“On July 15, four days before the shooting, Salas was assigned to the ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company made false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policies. The suit also alleged the bank failed to properly monitor “high-risk” customers, including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.”

Federal judge’s son killed, husband hospitalized after being shot at their New Jersey home


EarlierDeutsche Bank AG severed ties with Pedo, Epstein … then Toronto-Dominion [Canada] Stepped in

11 thoughts on “U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas family shot – just assigned to Epstein – Deutsche Bank case

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    Roy Den Hollander ID’d as suspect in shooting at Judge Esther Salas’ home

    “Hollander — whose website details “anti-feminist cases” and calls for clients to “help battle the infringement of Men’s Rights by the Feminists” — was found dead in the town of Rockland, NY, on Monday, according to sources.”


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    Whitney Webb talks about this shooting with Shaun Attwood after 37 min. here –


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