Is Naomi Campbell in the Blackmail Biz?

Crazy Days and Nights blog –
Blind Items Revealed #4

This foreign born permanent A list model is acting as if nothing is amiss, but she recently sent her lawyer thousands of pages of documents and photos designed to keep her alive. She has a lot of proof of a lot of activities and proof of hookups with multiple heads of state and threesome participants who often were kind of squishy on how old they were.

Naomi Campbell


Let’s Look at Epstein-friendly pedos in the fashion industry

2 thoughts on “Is Naomi Campbell in the Blackmail Biz?

  1. flyingcuttlefish January 20, 2021 / 11:12 am

    Also frm CDAN on her –

    ” …the role she played in helping to traffick those girls who were kidnapped by the warlord in that country. Once a buyer was found, she would often fly with the girls and pretend to be a relative or accompanying them on a modeling job. Apparently with the heat here about her involvement with the billionaire pedophile, she wanted more money or would talk. That is who has been trying to kill her.”


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