3 thoughts on “Who Has the Most Dirt on Who ❓❓❓

  1. flyingcuttlefish July 3, 2020 / 3:09 pm

    2019 – Daily Mail [UK] – ‘HRH Duchess of York is expecting your call’: Note recording a phone message from Sarah Ferguson to Jeffrey Epstein is discovered among police records along with message from another caller about ‘underage girls’

    more on the memo pads from Epstein’s mansion –


  2. flyingcuttlefish July 3, 2020 / 3:36 pm

    this looks like 20.20 vision in hindsight –

    “The prince’s former wife Sarah, Duchess of York, was apparently worried about the relationship between him and Ms Maxwell. In 2001, when Andrew was about to take up his role as Britain’s trade envoy, a friend of the duchess told The Mail on Sunday: “Fergie and a lot of other people who love Andrew believe his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein has become really dangerous. They’re using him just for his name and access and he is so innocent he doesn’t realise.””


  3. flyingcuttlefish July 3, 2020 / 3:54 pm

    Some old Fergie articles of interest now . . .

    Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew spent what would have been their 30th wedding anniversary together
    alt. link – http://archive.vn/fZAt5

    >>> very telling PHOTO from above – https://www.hellomagazine.com/imagenes/royalty/2016072632618/sarah-ferguson-wedding-anniversary-prince-andrew-races/0-164-61/sarah-ferguson1-a.jpg

    2019 – Are Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew still married, when did they separate and why?

    Sarah Ferguson: What Fergie advised Prince Andrew ahead of doomed BBC interview

    The Truth About Fergie’s Unusual Arrangement With Ex-Husband Prince Andrew


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