EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts show – 10 Years Ago – pedo prince Andrew used his influence to get a deal for his pedo pal Epstein

This concerns the case against Jeffrey Epstein in Florida where he had the cushy jail arrangement in 2008-9.

SOURCE: This document:   TransportRoom-Copy__Case_18-2868 PAGE 27

14 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts show – 10 Years Ago – pedo prince Andrew used his influence to get a deal for his pedo pal Epstein

  1. Robin Rucker December 17, 2019 / 2:49 am

    Hey MF, in keeping with this theme of UK High Crimes, let’s not forget that back in 2003 in the midst of Iraq War hysteria, (Coalition of the Willing — haha) it was found that Tony Blair was harboring a veritable nest of pedos both in and around his cabinet. I remember seeing multiple headlines at that time on both Infowars and Wayne Madsen’s site, but this seems to have been all but purged now…this info has been relegated to the farthest corners of the internet: https://timetostartcaring.com/blair-covering-up-paedophile-scandal/

    Of course David Icke was boots on the ground all over it as well at that time.

    Notice the final comment at the above site lists Fiona Barnett’s claim that Dunblane was, in fact, a clean-up operation since those same children were talking at the time about being victims of the infamous Westminster pedophile ring. It doesn’t get much more evil than this and is enough to make one wonder about what may have been the impetus for acts like Columbine and Sandy Hook, both of which have been plagued by similar claims and ultimate High Weirdness surrounding both. (Not the least of which being government involvement/interference.)

    Being a tennis fan, I can also tell you that none other than Andy Murray was a member of that same gunned-down Dunblane class, who just happened to miss school that particular day. His Mom Judy was even a friend of Thomas Hamilton, the gunman with extensive Masonic ties; she gave him lifts in her car many, many times Andy remembers grimly. WHAT was going on?


  2. Robin Rucker December 17, 2019 / 7:01 am

    Hey MF!!

    So glad you posted that link to Enty of CDAN’s stuff; it’s worth it for the ‘House on Charles St.’ postings alone — Good Lord. How this stuff isn’t dug into to see the mainstream light of day is beyond me. Just one enterprising mainstreamer from CNN, Fox, the NYT or WaPo could explode his or her entire career into a takeoff into Pulitzer-level stratospheres, but I suppose we all know why it’s untouchable…except for us!! Our names will never be known, but what we’re all doing together is destined to go down in history. Woodward & Bernstein, eat your hearts out…

    And btw, thanks so much for posting EVERYTHING, no matter how “out there” it seems. After all, just a few short years ago, organized worldwide pedophile networks were the most outlandish conspiracy theories going, and now look where we are. The mind fairly boggles as to where we may be in 6 months time.

    And speaking of “crazy,” just wait til you get a load of what I’m working on now…Cohering it into a meaningful narrative is proving daunting, but I promise it’ll be well worth the wait. As always, thanks for the patience, and the killer info. You rock!!


    • flyingcuttlefish December 17, 2019 / 12:49 pm

      Thanks tons…. but mostly I post others’ hard work here. I find stuff more than I discover new facts myself.
      If I had a budget I would put in a bunch FOIA requests on these dynamite court records!
      Doesn’t pedo-Dersh KNOW these records contradict has endless claims that he never raped kids on Lolita Island and the records are PUBLIC?? He is on the flight logs, on the depositions from the Florida trial, named by multiple victims/witnesses and many witnesses have corroborating evidence that backs up their stories like flight logs, hotel receipts, message pad notes etc. etc. and he gasses off like everything is just a big lie from Virginia Roberts. He should wish! Plus everything she has said has had backup from other witnesses or from physical evidence, photos etc.

      Crazy Days and Nights is on the sidebar links 😉 a trove of information.

      I found the Pedo-Prince in Malta in 1999 and I bet he is tied to 17 Black. If you come across anything at all about UK royals (any) in Malta or prince A. connected to 17 Black pedo ringleaders do post it here:


    • flyingcuttlefish December 17, 2019 / 12:49 pm

      we can tag team these pervs straight into jail!


    • flyingcuttlefish December 17, 2019 / 12:54 pm

      FYI – a few days ago CDAN had some “celebrity” photos up and a shout out for more so I sent him my Naomi Campbell with pentagram jewelry item and he put it on that secondary site and – voila! – over a thousand visits to that post!

      So big, big thanks to CDAN 💙


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