Epstein Not Dead? Some Ideas –

Many are wondering if  Jeffery Epstein went missing from jail and didn’t die there.

The famous gurney photo seems as fake as the burger joint Ghislaine Maxwell photo.

Some suggest the faked picture looks like Anthony Bourdain.

Epstein’s MOSSAD connections avail him to many options besides scrutiny in a sensational trial and prison.

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Here is an extra oddity we just noticed – this Epstein associate seems to have “faked his own death”.  See The Digital Entertainment Network and Epstein.

This Epstein co-hort, Al Seckel, had a similar “death” –

“Though the article appeared shortly after Seckel’s supposed death, it was never updated to reflect Seckel’s passing.  Asked why, author Mark Oppenheimer told THR in an email: “I was never able to establish to my satisfaction that Seckel had died.” Though he didn’t devote a lot of time to the question, he continued, “I always had my suspicions that maybe he faked his own death; it would have been in character.” Others who knew Seckel also have their doubts that he’s dead and, in fact, it’s difficult to verify; authorities in France did not respond to inquiries. And, after all, the man had a passion for illusions.”

The recent news about Epstein’s autopsy reveals the scene of the death, his cell, was all tidied up and evidence tampered with after his so-called suicide. And the NY medical examiner seemed to be in the same rush that Scalia’s Texas judge was in when she ruled no foul play without looking at the body.

 And we saw this take on the ABC News“leak” by Amy Robach. This fellow says it was scripted, that Project Veritas is a set up, and that the whole point of the episode is to re-enforce the idea that Epstein is not missing but died in the jail cell.

LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_wBg4Ihs40

  • If we see other oddities we’ll add them here -FC

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    many people having thoughts like this –


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    phone interview with Baden –


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    Kevin Spacey: “You never actually saw me die, did you?”

    2:40 min. mark –


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