Ghislaine Maxwell has gone MISSING again

Sorry for late reporting on this ….

NY Daily News
Whereabouts of Ghislaine Maxwell a mystery, attorney for Jeffrey Epstein victim Jennifer Araoz says

“Jeffrey Epstein’s madame is laying low and avoiding a lawsuit filed by one of his sex trafficking victims, attorneys said Tuesday.
Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly played a critical role luring underage girls into the multimillionaire’s depraved scheme, has not yet been served with a lawsuit filed by Jennifer Araoz, her attorney Dan Kaiser said.
Private investigators have been unable to find the British socialite [sic] … “

Ghislaine Maxwell is a child rapist and a pimp.

Earlier hide-n-seek reports on that criminal are here and in comments – Where the hell is Ghislaine Maxwell? UPDATED

Opinion – she fled because here stupid claims in her court papers don’t hold water.
We just posted this link in the RESEARCH page
Giuffre v. Maxwell 13 Files Unsealed (Jeffrey Epstein’s Libertines), 1,999 pages, (332MB) ZIP
Her claims to not be on so many flights to Lolita Island are clearly contradicted by flight logs.
She is also fighting with Dershowitz so it could be she’s hiding from him. But we think she could beat him up when it comes to blackmail, not the other way around.
Someone should get up a GoFundMe reward to find her.

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