Breaking News – French Police Searching Epstein’s Paris Flat

After many weeks to scrub the place – FC

Will they go to pimp and child-rapist, Ghislaine Maxwell’s home as well?

Maxwell may be using the Epstein pad in France, . . . ownership of his properties is often under other’s names.
Epstein “purchased multiple properties within that building, through a real estate entity called JEP,…”

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News – French Police Searching Epstein’s Paris Flat

  1. flyingcuttlefish October 21, 2020 / 3:58 am

    Also about France –

    Epstein Bankrolled Strange Foundation With Ties to Famous French Politician Jack Lang

    “French politician Jack Lang, the country’s former minister of culture and minister of education, told Paris-based news outlet Franceinfo that he and Epstein attended a party for the Louvre pyramid’s 30-year anniversary in March 2019—about four months before the FBI arrested Epstein. Lang reportedly invited the sex trafficker, whom he described as “a charming, courteous and pleasant person.”

    Now The Daily Beast has learned that Epstein bankrolled a French organization whose executives have ties to Lang, who decades ago endorsed a disturbing opinion regarding sex with 13-year-olds and, like Epstein, is friendly with embattled director Woody Allen.”


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