What we never learned from Epstein and Weiner cases

Gray's Economy

I’m so disgusted by the mainstream media’s portrayal of Jeffery Epstein as merely a predator of underage girls.

As I have written this week, a survivor of Epstein’s child sex grooming operation painted him as monster with connections to many well known people.

Then there was the case of Anthony Weiner — the disgraced politician who plead guilty to sexting teenage girls.

These men — if I can use that word — allegedly either trafficked and/or groomed young children in the satanic rituals of pedophilia.

NYPD sources were horrified at what they found on Weiner’s laptop computer. Sure there was his “insurance policy” files, but there were other images and files that connected to Epstein’s child sex trafficking blackmail scheme.

Where all that information on Weiner’s laptop is now is anyone’s guess. We have learned that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and disgraced Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe…

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