CBS Covers for the Pedo Prince

CBS is desperate to salvage the reputation of England’s pedo-prince. Why?

As the consummate COWARD that he is, Pedo-Prince Andrew has his lackey, Robert Jobson, the royal “correspondent” who is paid by Buckingham Palace, do his talking for him. He is too frightened to collect his thoughts it seems.


NOT ANSWERED in the extra-friendly interview was how is all of the rape victim statements are backed up with photographs placing his royal pedoness at the same location at the same time as the victims.

NOT ANSWERED in the extra-friendly interview was how his name happens to come up on the Lolita Express passenger lists so often when there is only ONE purpose for the Lolita Express.

NOT ANSWERED in the extra-friendly interview was how so many unrelated, picked-off-the-streets under-aged teens are telling the SAME story about the pedo-prince. Do they all have ESP?

NOT ANSWERED in the extra-friendly interview was how the pedo-prince had any relationship at all with child-rapist, Jeffrey Epstein unless it was to rape children, kill infants, join rumored satanic rights involving vile crimes against infants and children, launder money, traffic children, show off his sex-slave teenage escorts to his chums or other business as wretched…. the ONLY business Jeffrey Epstein was ever engaged in.

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Daniel Schorr: The CIA at CBS [PDF]







9 thoughts on “CBS Covers for the Pedo Prince

  1. flyingcuttlefish August 29, 2019 / 10:44 am

    The pervert defender, Robert Jobson, claimed that photo of his royal pal and Virginia were fakes and there’s no proof of his crimes. It’s all made up, blah… blah….

    Even his cufflinks match . . .

    Daily Mail [UK] –
    Andrew’s in the frame: ‘Friends’ might say the picture that dogged the prince for years is fake, but The Mail probes the events of that night – so that YOU can decide if it’s genuine

    Sources close to prince say the height of duke and Virginia ‘doesn’t look right’

    But Andrew is understood to be 6ft and Virginia 5ft 8 which is reflected in image


  2. flyingcuttlefish August 29, 2019 / 4:28 pm


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