On Epstein and the bodyguard, former UFC fighter, Igor Zinoviev

NY Magazine I Can’t Explain Any Of This Over The Phone’: Epstein’s Bodyguard Freaks Out, Demands Reporter Drop Story

New York MagazineJeffrey Epstein’s Bodyguard on His Former Boss’s Lifestyle, Cruelty, Suicide

Reporter to bodyguard he’s interviewed before:

I totally understand that you think he could have had help committing suicide. 

First of all, I have to go right now. I have another client.

Still training people?

Yes. But just be careful. I’m not kidding.

What’s your email so I can send you —

Don’t do any kind of that stuff. Just don’t play it. Seriously.

Can you tell me why?

I can’t. I can’t.

May I ask you one more question? 

Go ahead.

Have you been talking to anyone in the government, the FBI? Have they come to you?

[Long pause] Um. Great talking to you. Seriously. We talk later.



All right.  



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