4 thoughts on “OPINION: We Agree with Tracy Beanz

  1. flabbergasted October 16, 2019 / 10:08 am

    i am a European and never visited the usa,

    online i can read about many child disappearances. Massive wide spread shocking child (sex) abuse and trafficing cases in the usa, mostly from minorities, becoming addicted, sold from one place to another and probably ending in a ditch somewhere, people writing manuals about it.

    These epstein victims, look pretty well off, middle class even, very unlike “what meth does to people in a year photo reports”.
    I mean maybe they where badly abused, but compared to these disappeared kids that end as crack/meth whores on the street they are extremely lucky, aren’t they ?
    Run away kids living at epstein mansion, smiling ear to ear at a photo with prince andrew doesn’t look like hard core abuse to me. Their parents working three jobs to make ends meet may feel more abused than these kids getting exploited as run away kids at a couple hundred dollars a mouthfull =(, and then leaving cordially to settle in a peacefull live outside escorting and prostitution.

    fishy story


    • flyingcuttlefish October 16, 2019 / 5:25 pm

      In lengthy interviews the victims of Epstein explain they were manipulated into the scheme.
      The view that they enjoyed it because they were paid is common. The reason they go into detail is to describe, how when grown up they look back on a childhood that was stolen. Children don’t have the perspective to know when they are being lead into a trap and police (worldwide) are no help to these youths if try and seek help.
      Note too how these fancy resorts and hotels are always situated in very poor areas where they can easily exploit the locals for cheap labor and, evidently, other services.
      The story is about class exploitation as well as age exploitation in my view.


  2. Flabbergasted October 18, 2019 / 2:08 am

    perception changed a lot over the years:

    she said. “You need to understand that I didn’t think of myself as underage.” (at 2/25)

    24 Musicians Whose Legacies Could Face A #MeToo Reckoning

    Sable Starr – From Wikipedia

    people are used and abused all the time,
    they use and abuse each other and if they are clever
    they will recognize the abuse
    and make the best off it, turn it into a profit, or turn the tables on the perp.
    that why media and education is so important, to educate and warn people.

    Then there is the slavery thing, in the past they used narcotics

    These day they have mindcontrol or neurocybernetics or Psychotronics (russian terminology) and H+ human enhancement. Its silly to deny its excistence, although Parkinsons implants are just as primitive as Joseph Delgado’s stimocijfer of the 1960’s. but Darpa write openly on its website about programs for brain machine interfaces and minute brain implants. Fighterpilot helmets monitor the pilots alertness, essential as the extreme G forces disrupt blood and oxygen delivery. Monkeys controlled over the internet, Rats guided by RC-control and cockroaches on a wire, robots driven by a braincells on a petridish. The maimed veterans with robotic limbs, etc etc.

    Essentially, even a crappy implant can dicipline or enslave almost anybody, just implant at some tender age and wait (manipulate) for a couple of years.
    If the victim turns out to be smart, then lets go into politics … and their protection rackets, if shameless then lets go into show business… and so on

    it seems the usa has become a very very nihilistic place


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