Nuke-Pro: Altamira — Connections and Coincidences are ODD Epstein, Dayton Shooting, Wexner

“Wexner also controls the family (Kathleen and Steve Betts) that has businesses in “remote airplane takeover control” and linked to Victoria’s Secret, which is linked to Epstein and his blackmail sex “parties”.”



Related: NXIVM tie to shooter’s father

13 thoughts on “Nuke-Pro: Altamira — Connections and Coincidences are ODD Epstein, Dayton Shooting, Wexner

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  4. Pamela November 19, 2019 / 12:30 am

    Mark Samuel, Nurse Sex Offender Convicted
    On Sept 8,2005 RN:Mark Samuel was sentenced to five years in Jail with all but two years suspended,having been convicted in January 2004 of unlawful sexual contact with a 6 year-old girl . Mark Samuel counseled the girls mother. when the counseling ended , the three became friends attending family fuctions together. The violations occurred during sleepovers at the Nurses residence during the summer of 2003. Mark Samuel has been released from prison and is now at risk to the community of North Bay Ontario Mark Samuel emyployed 2007 for Assertive community treatment Team North Bay, ON
    Northeast Mental Health Center
    P.O. Box 3010 4700
    Highway 11 N
    North Bay, ON,CA


    • flyingcuttlefish November 19, 2019 / 1:32 am

      If you have a news link for that – please post it back here as a comment.


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